KING (Produced by Samraj M)

All the things I would do if I were to become king. Great things indeed. Subscribe to my youtube channel if you enjoy this song, and make sure to give it a thumbs up!

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Science Olympiad sucks if you didn’t get into Varsity

Well, the results came back that I wasn’t one of the 18 qualified for Science Olympiad varsity. Well now we are completely segregated. It is like how blacks were treated before Martin Luther King. There are three social classes in Science Olympiad: The current 8th grade Varsity team, The Junior Varsity who qualify for Varsity next year, and us Junior Varsity who were kicked out. The Rising Varsity gets all of the advantages, they are allowed to do whatever they want, and get to do cool activities too. The old Varsity and us JV who didn’t make it are in another separate room, in which we are harshly segregated. The Varsity get to do whatever they want, use computers, play games, talk loudly, choose their seats. What do we get to do? Nothing! “Study hall”, our coach calls it. That’s just another word for “we aren’t going to let you do anything so get used to it, and oh we’re also going to treat you like you’re less than the other kids in Science Olympiad even though we guaranteed that it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t qualify.”

It’s pretty much the coaches rubbing it into our faces that we didn’t make it, and them telling us that we are lesser than the other 36 kids just because they didn’t choose us.

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The Sssssarrma Song (Official Lyric Video)

Sssssarrma is back! He is running for our school vice president!

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No More (Timber Parody) feat. Omjoe

Parody of the popular song Timber. About eating too much…
I made this a few days ago but hadn’t posted it to here because I’ve been gone from here for a long time.

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Omjoe and Steve Episode 4: Clocking #newtrends #clocking

So youtube did this thing on April Fools day, right? “New trends”. “Clocking” was one of the trends described in Youtube’s ridiculous joke. Omjoe ends up believing it and gets into some trouble…

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Mushrooms gets me mad now

It used to just be bamboo. But now, Fungi is my #2 enemy. #1 is none other than bamboo itself. Our science olympiad try-outs were about fungus, and the actual test had nothing to do with what we were supposed to learn. So even if you studied hard, you still had the same chance of making it to Varsity as everyone else! I’m really mad at our teacher that she can be so insensitive to how much work we put into Science Olympiad, when just ignores it and gives us the worst test there is! (I’m not saying that I actually studied, but I feel bad for the people who did). Tomorrow we get our building event try-out, and everyone is gonna put their all into it since they too are filled with fungi rage. Everyone thinks they got last place in the fungus try-outs (I’m pretty sure I’m the one who got last place), so people will do anything to get themselves at the top of the building try-out list.


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New videos will come soon

Counting Sheep video, TKO parody, Can’t remember to forget your parody, Omjoe and Steve Episode 4, Thrift Shop Parody, Dark Horse Parody all coming within a month. 🙂

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