KING (Produced by Samraj M)

All the things I would do if I were to become king. Great things indeed. Subscribe to my youtube channel if you enjoy this song, and make sure to give it a thumbs up!

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Science Olympiad sucks if you didn’t get into Varsity

Well, the results came back that I wasn’t one of the 18 qualified for Science Olympiad varsity. Well now we are completely segregated. It is like how blacks were treated before Martin Luther King. There are three social classes in Science Olympiad: The current 8th grade Varsity team, The Junior Varsity who qualify for Varsity next year, and us Junior Varsity who were kicked out. The Rising Varsity gets all of the advantages, they are allowed to do whatever they want, and get to do cool activities too. The old Varsity and us JV who didn’t make it are in another separate room, in which we are harshly segregated. The Varsity get to do whatever they want, use computers, play games, talk loudly, choose their seats. What do we get to do? Nothing! “Study hall”, our coach calls it. That’s just another word for “we aren’t going to let you do anything so get used to it, and oh we’re also going to treat you like you’re less than the other kids in Science Olympiad even though we guaranteed that it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t qualify.”

It’s pretty much the coaches rubbing it into our faces that we didn’t make it, and them telling us that we are lesser than the other 36 kids just because they didn’t choose us.

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The Sssssarrma Song (Official Lyric Video)

Sssssarrma is back! He is running for our school vice president!

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No More (Timber Parody) feat. Omjoe

Parody of the popular song Timber. About eating too much…
I made this a few days ago but hadn’t posted it to here because I’ve been gone from here for a long time.

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Omjoe and Steve Episode 4: Clocking #newtrends #clocking

So youtube did this thing on April Fools day, right? “New trends”. “Clocking” was one of the trends described in Youtube’s ridiculous joke. Omjoe ends up believing it and gets into some trouble…

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Mushrooms gets me mad now

It used to just be bamboo. But now, Fungi is my #2 enemy. #1 is none other than bamboo itself. Our science olympiad try-outs were about fungus, and the actual test had nothing to do with what we were supposed to learn. So even if you studied hard, you still had the same chance of making it to Varsity as everyone else! I’m really mad at our teacher that she can be so insensitive to how much work we put into Science Olympiad, when just ignores it and gives us the worst test there is! (I’m not saying that I actually studied, but I feel bad for the people who did). Tomorrow we get our building event try-out, and everyone is gonna put their all into it since they too are filled with fungi rage. Everyone thinks they got last place in the fungus try-outs (I’m pretty sure I’m the one who got last place), so people will do anything to get themselves at the top of the building try-out list.


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New videos will come soon

Counting Sheep video, TKO parody, Can’t remember to forget your parody, Omjoe and Steve Episode 4, Thrift Shop Parody, Dark Horse Parody all coming within a month. 🙂

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Counting Sheep Version 2

I was going to make an actually music video with this (which I did), but iMovie, the app I used to make this, got weird problems that I can’t figure out how to fix. So right now it has the same visual as the old but new and improved singing, music, and everything related to audio. 🙂

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Dhruw’s reflection


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Can’t do this anymore

I’m kind of deciding I’m gonna take a break from blogging…

I don’t think I have time for it anymore

I would tell you all about what happened at my friends birthday party (long story) but I just ain’t got that kind of time. Sorry guys, I quit. 😦

For now. See ya in a month or so 😉


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Whatya know…

Well, turns out that my idiot theory was true…

The smarter of the Varsity scored 60, 40, and 65 on my three tests. 

The other guy who is the guy who insults us all and thinks he’s great scored 50, 32, and 41.

The difference is evident, and the funny thing is both of them failed all three tests 🙂

We are so prepared for states. 😉

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Well, Today I learned that my Varsity are total retards. One of them knows nothing at all about Solar System and all he knows is how to make us JV feel bad by insulting everything we do, even though we are smarter than him by tenfold.

Other one is my friend, though he is still pretty bad at Solar System. I feel really sorry for him that he got such a bad partner. 

No wonder they got 6th at Regionals…

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I finished my practice test and gave it to my varsity, and he looked at it and decided it was too easy! I bet to him that he would score below a 70, but guess what, HE REFUSED TO TAKE IT! I know that my Solar System Varsity is really stupid and that they would have definitely failed my test. But I got so angry when he said he wouldn’t take it. Then two minutes later he stole it from me! I had to fight him to get it back. Second fight I’ve ever been in at school.

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Practice Tests

Now we have to make practice tests for the current Varsity, because they’re going for states in April. My Solar System practice test is probably the worst practice test in history:

Test so far:

1. Which are older, craters or ridges?

2. How does Europa’s ocean get heated?

3. How many days make a year on mars?


4. Which moon is walnut-shaped?

A. Europa

B. Iapetus

C. Varun

D. Sssssarrma

5. What is the smallest planet?

A. Mercury

B. Jupiter

C. Europa

6. Which moon may have a liquid ocean?

A. Europa

B. Mario Galaxy

C. Pluto

D. Charan

E. Iapetus

F. Varun

G. Ganymede

7. Which is smaller?

A. Europa

B. Ganymede

C. Ceres

D. Enceladus

8. Which planet has polar ice caps?

A. Varun

B. Mars

C. Sssssarrma

D. Jupiter

E. charan

9. How big are the mars ice caps?(north and south combined)

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Survival of the Fittest

Today our Science Olympiad coach made us write about our former event partners, how they worked, how smart they were, how much they helped you, how they did in general. I wrote a long rant about how my partners did no work and didn’t help me at all nor did they do their part. 

This all goes into helping the teacher pick out the 18 of us who will actually get into Varsity. The current varsity also had to write about us and decided whether to recommend us or get rid of us. 

We will also have a tryout, which is essentially the same kind of competition at regionals, except it is a war within the school. Even my coach admitted, It’s gonna be survival of the fittest.

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Out of School Four Days straight (yes, AGAIN)

Yea, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all off because of another snowstorm…

I don’t understand how there can even be snowstorms where I live…

Well I had fun. But now I have tons of homework due tomorrow, most of which I haven’t done… 😦

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My messed up about page

Having to change my About page every 3 days, that’s how fast my life changes…

I hope I get into Varsity, that’s my main goal now that my medals suck (in comparison to the rest of my school). Our school varsity got 1st in regionals, JV teams got 1st and 2nd. We know we are the best there is. So it’s time to figure out who’s better than the best. It’s gonna be the Hunger Games from here on. Friend turning on friend, teammate turning on teammate. I’m gonna have to suck up to my teacher so much that I will need a vacuum cleaner just to keep up with myself. Good luck my friends in JV who are reading this. I promise that you won’t make it to Varsity.



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Thursday, Friday, and THE EVENT

Ok, competition was today. But let me backtrack, I haven’t posted anything either Thursday nor Friday, because I was working like crazy on Science Olympiad stuff. 

First thing, my partner FINALLY brought in his instrument on Thursday, TWO DAYS BEFORE COMPETITION. And guess what, just being completely truthful with no sugarcoat, IT SUCKED! And when I say that I mean no offense to him because he’s really good with music and he is pretty smart, but all I’m saying is that HIS INSTRUMENT SUCKED. 

So Thursday was a horrible day for me. We had a pep rally in school (which smart kids hate because their ears get blown off) and we Science Olympiad kids were allowed to skip it to work on our events. Since my partner had apparently given up and he was in Jazz Band and had to play at the pep rally, I worked on his instrument. 

I know you readers may be thinking “That’s so messed up!”. Luckily, I had a Varsity (8th-grader) for my music event who thought likewise, only in a much more harsh way. He told me that working on your partners instrument is totally —-ed up. He also told me that I should worry less about the medal and more about getting into Varsity (only half of us JV do). He said he’ll give me a recommendation into Varsity. I told him that I should still try to get a medal so I still worked hard. I even took his instrument home! At home, I went on google chat with my event partner and I told him him I’m coming to his house to give him his instrument. I gave him the website that gives clear directions on how a xylophone is SUPPOSED to be built. He did his completely wrong. 

Friday. My partner CLAIMS his instrument sounds better. I am pretty skeptical but I keep my mouth shut. At home I work on Solar System notes like crazy.

COMPETITION!- I come to competition to realize that my partner’s instrument STILL sucks. And there’s nothing I can do now… He didn’t follow the main instruction I gave him; make A BASE.

Solar System was INCREDIBLE EASY. Spending nights on the notes was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. I was 100% sure I got 1st place in Solar System when I left the room, (in half the time we were supposed to take the test in). Next was Sounds. I was confident of failure. But my partner told me of how the other kids all SUCK even worse than his instrument. We practiced a bit, then went to the event. My instrument was perfect, my playing was perfect. My pitch was perfect too. My partner’s playing was good, but his instrument was really bad and out of tune too. Guess what, WE HAD THE AWARDS CEREMONY TOO!

I GOT ONLY 3RD PLACE SOLAR SYSTEM! Other of our school’s JV team got 2nd, and we both did better than our Varsity, who got 6th place competing with other Varsity. I was very disappointed as a matter of fact because even though there were 34 teams, I was still beat by the other team of my school, which, undoubtedly, is the best in our entire state, let alone region.

Sounds of Music! 2ND PLACE!!!!! So surprised I was! How bad can other teams be that every single one lost to us?!! (except one). The other JV for our school was really sick, and they made awesome instruments and would have won. It’s really sad… 😦

I am still really mad at my partner because had I known it would be so easy getting 2nd, I would have spent much less time working and instead just pushed him on his D:

But now I’ve learned my lesson, I could have easily gotten 1st…

I’m going to tell my coach about the truth about how my partner waited until the last minute to bring his instrument, and then it ended up failing. I will be really really mad at my partner if I don’t make it to Varsity. Same with my Solar System partner, who did absolutely no work on the notes. 



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Take on the strain

Thursday is gonna be the most stressful day of my life. Science Olympiad’s last day to finish all work and anything unfinished.

If I don’t finish everything about my cheatsheet, or I don’t finish practicing my instrument with my partner, I am gonna have to take it all home and finish it there. It’s gonna be real tough. But I think I’ll make it. 

My solar system partner suddenly has an interest in working, so now I actually have to share my cheatsheet with him via google drive…

My sounds of music parnter is done with his instrument (finally!). We will need to practice hard on Thursday or I will probably have to practice with him at home…

I’m confident that I’ll beat Varsity (8th grders) in Solar System, because one of them doesn’t even know that Mars is bigger than Mercury. But sounds of music will be real tough, and the only team that I think I’m gonna beat is the other JV (Junior Varsity, 7th grade) team from my school. But as Stefani Oshima says, If you CANNOT HELP COME TO ASHEVILLE

So the day before the event I’m probably gonna go to Asheville for luck 🙂

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Billy La bufanda

I’m gonna continue my promise of teaching you folks some Spanish, and here is a funny vid we watched in spanish class today, about a scarf named Billy. 😀

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Making more progresss!! :)

I’m serioulsy working on solar system today, getting a bunch of stats about all the moons and planets and stuff we need to know. I think I can make our “cheatsheet” of notes really good by the competition (which is on the 8th).

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So, wordpress wants to help me out again :)

Daily Prompt: SOS

by michelle w. on January 31, 2014

You’re at the beach, lounging on your towel, when a glistening object at the water’s edge catches your eye. It’s a bottle — and yes, it contains a message. What does it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WATER.

Ok, This bottle contains a message saying:

“Save me, my name is Pi and I am stranded on a boat with a tiger. Please come and save me, I hope I reach land soon. I do not wish to stay on this boat with this giant Bengal tiger. I do hope that my experience turns into a Hollywood movie. :)”

If you would like me to do more of this kind of post, then tell me in the comments. If you don’t like these kinds of posts from me, tell me that too.

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O Canada, did you spy on airline passengers’ metadata?

OMG, why Snowden, why??? You just HAD to prove that Canadians aren’t nice. And I’ve never heard of this Canadian version of the NSA…

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What is really wrong with my instrument

I now realize that what is wrong with my bamboo panflute is not that the instrument sucks, but it is that I don’t have the lung-power to play it.

So today I used an exercise machine I found in the house, and I, well, exercised. It’s an old elliptical, and it told me I had done 2 miles on it. I was completely exhausted. I rarely do any exercise. But after I was done, I tried playing my instrument. Guess what? It made perfect sound! I was amazed, but theres only one problem… How am I going to get the same results at the competition? The truth is, I have no idea… 😉

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Bamboo flutes…

I am wondering how to get a really good sound out of these things…

Cuz so far all I’m getting is basic notes that don’t even sound that good…

I think I should try to search on youtube, because youtube has all the answers to every question in the world  🙂

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