Take on the strain

Thursday is gonna be the most stressful day of my life. Science Olympiad’s last day to finish all work and anything unfinished.

If I don’t finish everything about my cheatsheet, or I don’t finish practicing my instrument with my partner, I am gonna have to take it all home and finish it there. It’s gonna be real tough. But I think I’ll make it. 

My solar system partner suddenly has an interest in working, so now I actually have to share my cheatsheet with him via google drive…

My sounds of music parnter is done with his instrument (finally!). We will need to practice hard on Thursday or I will probably have to practice with him at home…

I’m confident that I’ll beat Varsity (8th grders) in Solar System, because one of them doesn’t even know that Mars is bigger than Mercury. But sounds of music will be real tough, and the only team that I think I’m gonna beat is the other JV (Junior Varsity, 7th grade) team from my school. But as Stefani Oshima says, If you CANNOT HELP COME TO ASHEVILLE

So the day before the event I’m probably gonna go to Asheville for luck 🙂


About aniru919

Hi! I'm a guy really into music and science. I am create instruments, play them, and compose music.
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