Thursday, Friday, and THE EVENT

Ok, competition was today. But let me backtrack, I haven’t posted anything either Thursday nor Friday, because I was working like crazy on Science Olympiad stuff. 

First thing, my partner FINALLY brought in his instrument on Thursday, TWO DAYS BEFORE COMPETITION. And guess what, just being completely truthful with no sugarcoat, IT SUCKED! And when I say that I mean no offense to him because he’s really good with music and he is pretty smart, but all I’m saying is that HIS INSTRUMENT SUCKED. 

So Thursday was a horrible day for me. We had a pep rally in school (which smart kids hate because their ears get blown off) and we Science Olympiad kids were allowed to skip it to work on our events. Since my partner had apparently given up and he was in Jazz Band and had to play at the pep rally, I worked on his instrument. 

I know you readers may be thinking “That’s so messed up!”. Luckily, I had a Varsity (8th-grader) for my music event who thought likewise, only in a much more harsh way. He told me that working on your partners instrument is totally —-ed up. He also told me that I should worry less about the medal and more about getting into Varsity (only half of us JV do). He said he’ll give me a recommendation into Varsity. I told him that I should still try to get a medal so I still worked hard. I even took his instrument home! At home, I went on google chat with my event partner and I told him him I’m coming to his house to give him his instrument. I gave him the website that gives clear directions on how a xylophone is SUPPOSED to be built. He did his completely wrong. 

Friday. My partner CLAIMS his instrument sounds better. I am pretty skeptical but I keep my mouth shut. At home I work on Solar System notes like crazy.

COMPETITION!- I come to competition to realize that my partner’s instrument STILL sucks. And there’s nothing I can do now… He didn’t follow the main instruction I gave him; make A BASE.

Solar System was INCREDIBLE EASY. Spending nights on the notes was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. I was 100% sure I got 1st place in Solar System when I left the room, (in half the time we were supposed to take the test in). Next was Sounds. I was confident of failure. But my partner told me of how the other kids all SUCK even worse than his instrument. We practiced a bit, then went to the event. My instrument was perfect, my playing was perfect. My pitch was perfect too. My partner’s playing was good, but his instrument was really bad and out of tune too. Guess what, WE HAD THE AWARDS CEREMONY TOO!

I GOT ONLY 3RD PLACE SOLAR SYSTEM! Other of our school’s JV team got 2nd, and we both did better than our Varsity, who got 6th place competing with other Varsity. I was very disappointed as a matter of fact because even though there were 34 teams, I was still beat by the other team of my school, which, undoubtedly, is the best in our entire state, let alone region.

Sounds of Music! 2ND PLACE!!!!! So surprised I was! How bad can other teams be that every single one lost to us?!! (except one). The other JV for our school was really sick, and they made awesome instruments and would have won. It’s really sad… 😦

I am still really mad at my partner because had I known it would be so easy getting 2nd, I would have spent much less time working and instead just pushed him on his D:

But now I’ve learned my lesson, I could have easily gotten 1st…

I’m going to tell my coach about the truth about how my partner waited until the last minute to bring his instrument, and then it ended up failing. I will be really really mad at my partner if I don’t make it to Varsity. Same with my Solar System partner, who did absolutely no work on the notes. 




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Hi! I'm a guy really into music and science. I am create instruments, play them, and compose music.
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