My messed up about page

Having to change my About page every 3 days, that’s how fast my life changes…

I hope I get into Varsity, that’s my main goal now that my medals suck (in comparison to the rest of my school). Our school varsity got 1st in regionals, JV teams got 1st and 2nd. We know we are the best there is. So it’s time to figure out who’s better than the best. It’s gonna be the Hunger Games from here on. Friend turning on friend, teammate turning on teammate. I’m gonna have to suck up to my teacher so much that I will need a vacuum cleaner just to keep up with myself. Good luck my friends in JV who are reading this. I promise that you won’t make it to Varsity.




About aniru919

Hi! I'm a guy really into music and science. I am create instruments, play them, and compose music.
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