Practice Tests

Now we have to make practice tests for the current Varsity, because they’re going for states in April. My Solar System practice test is probably the worst practice test in history:

Test so far:

1. Which are older, craters or ridges?

2. How does Europa’s ocean get heated?

3. How many days make a year on mars?


4. Which moon is walnut-shaped?

A. Europa

B. Iapetus

C. Varun

D. Sssssarrma

5. What is the smallest planet?

A. Mercury

B. Jupiter

C. Europa

6. Which moon may have a liquid ocean?

A. Europa

B. Mario Galaxy

C. Pluto

D. Charan

E. Iapetus

F. Varun

G. Ganymede

7. Which is smaller?

A. Europa

B. Ganymede

C. Ceres

D. Enceladus

8. Which planet has polar ice caps?

A. Varun

B. Mars

C. Sssssarrma

D. Jupiter

E. charan

9. How big are the mars ice caps?(north and south combined)


About aniru919

Hi! I'm a guy really into music and science. I am create instruments, play them, and compose music.
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2 Responses to Practice Tests

  1. THE CAT says:


  2. Tah Bok says:

    Number 2 gives away number 6.
    Seriously, which planet is smaller!?!?!?!?!?!?

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