Mushrooms gets me mad now

It used to just be bamboo. But now, Fungi is my #2 enemy. #1 is none other than bamboo itself. Our science olympiad try-outs were about fungus, and the actual test had nothing to do with what we were supposed to learn. So even if you studied hard, you still had the same chance of making it to Varsity as everyone else! I’m really mad at our teacher that she can be so insensitive to how much work we put into Science Olympiad, when just ignores it and gives us the worst test there is! (I’m not saying that I actually studied, but I feel bad for the people who did). Tomorrow we get our building event try-out, and everyone is gonna put their all into it since they too are filled with fungi rage. Everyone thinks they got last place in the fungus try-outs (I’m pretty sure I’m the one who got last place), so people will do anything to get themselves at the top of the building try-out list.


About aniru919

Hi! I'm a guy really into music and science. I am create instruments, play them, and compose music.
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4 Responses to Mushrooms gets me mad now

  1. Sarah says:

    Ani only some stuff we would DK but besides that ima fail on building idk what it would be….

  2. Hey, I really feel your pain. Mrs. Weber showed me the test, and I couldn’t even answer the first question “What is fungi made of???”, to “everyone’s surprise”. WHOA… what rocket science DO you guys learn in Sci Oly?!

    P.S. Mushrooms GET you mad, not “gets”. Welcome to reality.

    • aniru919 says:

      No you don’t feel my pain. You’re not in Science Olympiad, you didn’t study for hours for it. You’re not in the hopeless fight for Varsity. Now many of the JV including me hate Science Olympiad because Ms.Weber works us so hard but it’s all for nothing. The fungus test was complete crap and the building test tiered many people for no reason. Ms.Weber doesn’t care about us, she only wants 18 people on that list, so one slip-up and you’re out.

  3. Not like you studied, Sir Emotional.

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