Counting Sheep Version 2

I was going to make an actually music video with this (which I did), but iMovie, the app I used to make this, got weird problems that I can’t figure out how to fix. So right now it has the same visual as the old but new and improved singing, music, and everything related to audio. 🙂

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Can’t do this anymore

I’m kind of deciding I’m gonna take a break from blogging…

I don’t think I have time for it anymore

I would tell you all about what happened at my friends birthday party (long story) but I just ain’t got that kind of time. Sorry guys, I quit. 😦

For now. See ya in a month or so 😉


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Whatya know…

Well, turns out that my idiot theory was true…

The smarter of the Varsity scored 60, 40, and 65 on my three tests. 

The other guy who is the guy who insults us all and thinks he’s great scored 50, 32, and 41.

The difference is evident, and the funny thing is both of them failed all three tests 🙂

We are so prepared for states. 😉

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Well, Today I learned that my Varsity are total retards. One of them knows nothing at all about Solar System and all he knows is how to make us JV feel bad by insulting everything we do, even though we are smarter than him by tenfold.

Other one is my friend, though he is still pretty bad at Solar System. I feel really sorry for him that he got such a bad partner. 

No wonder they got 6th at Regionals…

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I finished my practice test and gave it to my varsity, and he looked at it and decided it was too easy! I bet to him that he would score below a 70, but guess what, HE REFUSED TO TAKE IT! I know that my Solar System Varsity is really stupid and that they would have definitely failed my test. But I got so angry when he said he wouldn’t take it. Then two minutes later he stole it from me! I had to fight him to get it back. Second fight I’ve ever been in at school.

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Practice Tests

Now we have to make practice tests for the current Varsity, because they’re going for states in April. My Solar System practice test is probably the worst practice test in history:

Test so far:

1. Which are older, craters or ridges?

2. How does Europa’s ocean get heated?

3. How many days make a year on mars?


4. Which moon is walnut-shaped?

A. Europa

B. Iapetus

C. Varun

D. Sssssarrma

5. What is the smallest planet?

A. Mercury

B. Jupiter

C. Europa

6. Which moon may have a liquid ocean?

A. Europa

B. Mario Galaxy

C. Pluto

D. Charan

E. Iapetus

F. Varun

G. Ganymede

7. Which is smaller?

A. Europa

B. Ganymede

C. Ceres

D. Enceladus

8. Which planet has polar ice caps?

A. Varun

B. Mars

C. Sssssarrma

D. Jupiter

E. charan

9. How big are the mars ice caps?(north and south combined)

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